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Killer Silver 7 - 100 percent Black
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The 100% black ink is the darkest of “The Se7en Deadly Shades”. From tribals to trash polka tattooing, this ultimate black ink has been designed for filling in large dark cast shadow areas, outlining meticulous little letters, and everything in between. Unlike other inks, this sturdy black stays where it's been placed, and won’t blow out – even in delicate areas.
Killer Silver 7 - Wash
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The "Killer Silver Black in shades of 60%, 40%, 30%, 25%, 12%, 6%.
Killer Silver 7 - Full Set
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The "Killer Silver Black set - 100%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 12%, 6% and Highlight White.
Killer Silver 7 - White
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HIGHLIGHT WHITE - white ink is the only non-gray shade in “The Se7en Deadly Shades”. Use this super white ink for adding ultimate highlights to tattoos, and for filling in areas of white just lighter than a skin tone, to create a perfect 3D illusion in every piece.

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