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Safety Guidelines


This represents the min standards, in no way are these comprehensive… If any other information sheets are needed, or missing here – please get in touch with us or the Mfg before use.

MSDS D/L – Intenze, Dynamic, Fusion, Eternal , Cheyenne,  Spirit master, Stencil Stuff, Hustle Butter

Scan all files with an up to date Anti-virus program before opening. If you find any broken links or missing forms – please report it to  us.

Screening and Disclosure

The Skin acts as a barrier to outside contamination – the process by which piercing and tattooing takes place, involves a disruption to that function. No matter how sterile,  safe (empirical or anecdotal) the products are deemed -the risk of infection, allergy and serious reactions remain. All Tattooing and Body piercing procedures involve a potential risk to the clients health – short and possibly long term.

Known risk must be disclosed in full to each client before any procedure and potential risk should also be mitigated by employing a competent client health screening form. Failure to screen clients and disclose known risks, represents liability on your part which cannot be indemnified or passed on.

Product packaging and mfg supplied information may contain more and sometimes different information than that show on, do not rely solely on the information found here and always read labels, warnings, msds and other mfg supplied info,before using any products. If there is any risk, uncertainty or conflicting information/advice- rather seek competent medical advise as well as information from the product Mfg and first.

Min age for tattooing – 18 years of age.

Min age for piercing – 16 years of age (18 years and older for nipples and genitals)



BBP training certification is mandatory in most US states and is internationally recognised as a minimum knowledge requirement. Understanding how to control exposures in your shop is also essential in assuring the safety of yourself, your clients, and your co-workers. An annual Blood Born Pantheons certification should be in place for all staff who work with equipment as well as all Body Art practitioners, while there are many great online courses, we highly recommend that your BBP courses are industry specific only and not generalised for healthcare practitioners – offer online Body Art specific BBP training and certification and at reasonable rates.

Compliance with Health Standards

We require our clients to operate both within the realms of local legislation in their craft as well as internationally acceptable standards and we reserve the right to withdraw sales from any client who does not comply with those standards and laws.

Use of registered medical waste disposal services are required as per your local municipal and state/provincial by-laws.


Slide1Sterilisation Process (min Standard)
1 – Acquire
2 – Clean and Disinfect
3 – Inspect
4 – Wrap
5 – Steam Sterilise (Autoclave)
6 – Inspect
7 – Store
8 – Use

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